Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's Time To Start Planning.......

Even though the next Gun Blogger Rendezvous isn't until next October, believe it or not, planning and organizing starts in late January. The exact date has not been set, but it will probably be the second or third weekend of October.

It was a highlight of last year's Rondy to meet with some of the NRA folks, and I hope that will be possible again this year. The NRA was in Reno at the same last year for some other events, too, and I would like to schedule GBR-III to make it convenient for them to attend again this time.

We all had a grand time last year, and you might want to circle those weekends on your calendar with a question mark to keep you reminded.

I've attended a lot of events over the years where there are attractions, or speakers, or whatever, and the attendees are basically the audience. At the GBR the attraction is the bloggers themselves, and they are the reason to attend. Yes, we do also have a guest of honor, and we do try to raise some money for a good cause, but the main reason for the Rondy is to get the chance to spend some time with some of the brightest, quirkiest (in a good way) and most interesting people you could ever hope to meet.

Of course, a day at the range and all the guns, and Reno itself are attractions, too...........