Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rendezvous Raises over $8,000!

We've just about got all of the accounting finished up, thanks to the help of Barrett Escrow, and it looks like the Gun Blogger Rendezvous raised about $6,000 for Project Valour-IT. Added to that is the yet to be determined amount being raised by SIG's generous donation of a SIG 1911, custom engraved with the Soldier's Angels logo, currently being auctioned off at At the moment the price on it is $2,075, and there's still time for it to go even higher. Although the Gunbroker auction didn't happen at the Rendezvous, it was a direct result of SIG Sauer's participation in the Rendezvous as a sponsor, so I think it's OK to count it in there. Regardless, it's more money raised for Soldier's Angels and Project Valour-IT, so it's definitely good news!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hospitality Room Change

There has been a last minute room change for the Gun Blogger Rendezvous Hospitality room. We are now using the Silver Baron "E" room instead of the Silver Baron "C". It is just a couple of doors over, and there is a Gun Blogger Rendezvous sign outside the door.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Otis Technologies To Sponsor Rendezvous

Otis Technologies, maker of some very fine cleaning kits, will be sponsoring the Saturday breakfast at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. In addition, they will also be contributing one of their Elite Cleaning Kits to the Project Valour-IT Fund Raising Raffle at the Rendezvous.

Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit.

 Here's the full description of the Elite kit:

The most innovative gun cleaning system in the Otis line of products is the Otis Elite®.

Suitable for an armorer but used by thousands, the  Otis Elite® is designed to maintain all rifles .17 to .50 caliber,  pistols .17 to .50 caliber, shotguns .410 to 12/10 gauge, and all  in-line muzzleloaders. The Otis Elite® contains the  world famous item #750 Tactical Cleaning System, and the entire line of  bronze bore and chamber cleaning brushes from .17 caliber through 12/10  gauge.
Also included in this extensive cleaning system are  six Memory-Flex® cleaning rods, an all purpose nylon receiver brush, a  T-handle bar, three slotted tips, obstruction removers, small and large  Patch Savers®, a bore reflector/flag safety,  small caliber and all-caliber 100% cotton patches, and two .5 oz. tubes  of Otis O85® Ultra Bore® Solvent.
All of the components are neatly stored in a black  nylon, rust proof case which includes a lock and keys for additional  security. The Otis Elite® now includes the brass scraper tool set,  optics cleaning gear and an interactive instructional  DVD. With over 40 gun cleaning components, detailed gun maintenance  guide, and a lifetime warranty, the Otis Elite® is the Hallmark of  Excellence in firearm maintenance.
To say that this kit is pretty nice is like saying the Pope tends to be a bit religious!
Come to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, buy a raffle ticket, and this Otis Elite kit could follow you home!

See you in Reno.................

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Appleseed Project At The Rendezvous

More great news from GG at Girls Love Guns!I've always thought it would be great to attend one of the Appleseed rifle clinics, and maybe this will be the incentive to finally do it!

The following has been "borrowed"  from GG's blog:
HawkHavn of Appleseed has agreed to send Gun Blogger Rendezvous FREE APPLESEED gift certificates. We will be passing them out to all of those who have registered to attend GBR at the Saturday night shin dig. Whoohoo!
HawkHavn will also be sending free targets (who doesn’t love free targets?) as well as Appleseed brochures and business cards. I hope every GBR blogger uses this opportunity to learn about RWVA and its Appleseed program and to attend a free Appleseed shoot. These shoots are amazing.

Still Time To Attend The Rendezvous

There is still time to get your registration in and to attend this year's Gun blogger Rendezvous, but it starts next Thursday, September 8th., so you need to get hopping! If you send your registration Priority Mail (or FEDEX) today or tomorrow, I should get it in time to get you in. If not, or if it only becomes possible to attend at the very last minute, you can still get in. Download and print out your registration and bring it, along with your $30 / per person to the Rendezvous and give it to me directly, and I'll get you in. The Rendezvous is not full to capacity, and one way or another, if you show up, we'll get you in.

Hotel  accommodations group rate pricing "Officially" ended 30 days before the first day of the Rendezvous, but they have been very good about honoring the group rate at the last minute, provided they have the room available. Be sure to contact them right away and give them the group code.

To reserve your room, give them a call at the Silver Legacy at  1-800-687-8733 and give them the Gun Blogger rendezvous Group Code of GBLOG11.  When you are making your reservation, you might ask them if you can get  a room that faces McCarran Park, so you can watch the hot air balloons  from your window.

See you in Reno!