Thursday, July 19, 2012

Second Amendment Foundation

The "Who's Who" list of this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous is growing, and I am pleased to announce that Ray Carter of the Second Amendment Foundation will be joining us in Reno at the Silver Legacy for the Rendezvous. If you aren't quite sure exactly who the SAF is, or what they do, go check out their website. They are definitely "In the trenches" fighting for our 2nd. Amendment rights.

Having the SAF send Ray to our Rendezvous is really cool, and I'm looking forward to meeting him in person and getting the latest on what's happening.

You really should be there too!
See You In Reno!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If you've been thinking about going to this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous and you are in the Seattle area, but cost was a major concern, then Alaska Airlines has a deal for you! Right now you can fly round trip bob-stop Seattle to Reno on Alaska Airlines for only $185, and that's round trip! You can't drive it one way for that.

Will this price last very long? I expect it will disappear VERY quickly, so if you are in the area, you might want to call 1-800-ALASKAAIR.COM and get your tickets. I looked the other day and if you don't mind a stop in San Jose, there were some flights available for $129 bucks. Those may be gone, but  maybe not, you never can tell.

So come on down to Reno for the Rendezvous and join in on the fun!!

See You In Reno!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A whole lot of the fun at the annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous is all the folks you get to meet and visit with. Here's a picture of a couple of faces you may well see at this year's GBR.

Is it:

          1. Abbott & Costello?
          2. Groucho & Harpo?
          3. Amos & Andy?
          4. Charlie McCarthy & Edgar Bergen?
          5. Ricki & Lucy?
          6. Jeff Dunham & Walter?
          7. A couple of dudes at the SHOT Show?

I guess you'll just have to come to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous to find out!

See you in Reno!!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Gun Blogger Rendezvous is not that far off, so you need to get your registration in, and your hotel room booked right away. Why should you go to the Rendezvous? Well, Derek, The Packing Rat, put together a short video that answers the question really well.

You don't have to be a blogger to attend, just someone with common interests, and since you are reading this in the first place, most likely you'd have the time of your life in Reno, between the range trips, the socializing, and everything else that gets crammed into three and a half short days!

Not only is it a great time with some really interesting people, but you also will end up with some cool door prizes, and if you buy a ticket and get lucky, you just might win a gun or something! Every penny we can clear at the Rendezvous goes to Project Valour-IT, a division of Soldier's angels, so you know your money is going to a good cause.

See you at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous!!