Monday, August 15, 2016

GBR XI Sponsor Spotlight - Ruger

Tonight is the big night - if you're registered to attend this year's Rendezvous, be on the look-out for your gift card code via email so you can get your ammo ordered for the weekend! Also, attendee packets hit the mail this weekend so in the next few days you should be receiving an itinerary and probably a few typos as I couldn't find anyone late Friday evening to serve as a second set of eyes! :)

A big part of helping the Gun Blogger Rendezvous go off without a hitch is the role that our sponsors like Ruger play. Ruger, in particular, has been very kind to the GBR over the years and GBR XI is no exception.

Ken from Ruger sent over a number of great prizes to be included in the raffle and some door prize items as well. The backpack style bags are very high quality and there's a duffle included that could serve as a nice range bag or just serve as a supplementary holder for your gear.

It's still not too late to get involved and head to Reno for this year's GBR. If you're interested, registration is still open and there are a few slots available. We'd love to have you join us!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

GBR XI Sponsor Spotlight - MKS Supply / Hi-Point

The Gun Blogger Rendezvous wants to extend a huge thank you to MKS Supply and Hi-Point Firearms for their incredibly generous support of this year's Rendezvous by donating a Hi-Point Carbine!

The 995TS 9mm Carbine will be awarded to benefit HAVA (Honored American Veterans Afield)
As part of this year's raffle to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) GBR attendees will have the chance to win a 995TS 9mm carbine.

A just a shade over 6 pounds with a 16.5" barrel, the carbine has fully adjustable sights and comes with weaver style rails.

Thanks again to MKS Supply - one of the great sponsors that make the Gun Blogger Rendezvous such a unique event among the online shooting community!

Remember, Rendezvous registration is still open. If you've already registered, expect to receive an email with your $150 ammo voucher in mid-August along with more details about the schedule for the weekend. If you haven't signed up yet, registration is just $35 - which gets you several free meals and $150 worth of ammo at Lucky Gunner. Register here today!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

GBR XI Sponsor Showcase - Dillon Precision

We'd like to extend a big thank you to the first confirmed sponsor of this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous, Dillon Precision.

Dillon was kind enough to lend their support and a new ammo bag that will be included in this year's raffle and door prize giveaway to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield.

Dillon Precision Ammo bag

If you're not familiar with Dillon, they make some of the most respected reloading equipment available to U.S. shooters. You can check them out online and if you're not already a subscriber of to The Blue Press, their catalog, you're definitely in the minority among American shooters.

We'll be publishing more details in the coming days and if you haven't already, it's not too late to sign up for this year's Rendezvous. Most meals are covered along with a $150 gift card courtesy of Lucky Gunner with your $35 registration fee. For more details or to register, head here.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

GBR X Video

Sorry for the delay in getting this video cut and posted. I was working with a decade old video editing machine that had to be replaced!

If you were at Gun Blogger Rendezvous X, odds are good there's at least a clip of you in the video highlight reel below. Hope to see you in Reno in a couple months!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Final Week of Priority Registration

If you haven't already registered, be sure to get your registration in this week to take advantage of priority reduced rates for Gun Blogger Rendezvous XI!

For $35, you'll get most meals, a $150 ammo voucher from Lucky Gunner with free shipping to Reno as well as other refreshments and some of the range fees paid over the weekend benefitting HAVA.

Head here to register today!

Monday, May 02, 2016

Rendezvous Registration Now Open

If you haven't received the email, Gun Blogger Rendezvous Registration for 2016 is now open!

Head here to register today and if you're registered by June 1, you'll get $150 worth of ammo from Lucky Gunner. Plus, they'll kick in another $10 to HAVA for each registrant. We'll start this year's Rendezvous on September 8 and we'll go through Sunday on September 11.

Mike and I have looked over all the survey responses as well and have some things in the works for this year that should allow us to bring in some of the events that scored highly in the survey.

As usual, the majority of the non-shooting events will take place at the Silver Legacy. We have special group rates that you can get by booking with the group code "GBlog16". To get the group rates, you will have to call 1-800-687-8733. (Sorry, they can't accept our group discount online).

More news to come as we get event contracts signed!

As always don't hesitate to drop Anthony a line ( or hit up Mike (Mr Completely) with any questions. We're looking forward to seeing everyone in just a few months!


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

HAVA Thanks Gun Bloggers

Anthony here with a quick update following this year's SHOT Show.

Mike and I had the chance to talk briefly with a couple representatives from HAVA (Honored American Veterans Afield) and present them with the check for $2794.80 from 2015's Gun Blogger Rendezvous.

Mike hands the GBR check to HAVA's Secretary/Treasurer Allan Bender
As you'd imagine, HAVA was very appreciative and passes along their thanks to all the gun bloggers who made the contribution possible. Since the conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan have started to wind down, they've said their job helping veterans has gotten more difficult. They're seeing increased expenses related to travel as they work to get in touch with servicemen and women who have returned home who could benefit from all HAVA offers.

It's hard to believe but we're only about 8 months away from the next GBR! If you haven't, mark your calendar today for September 8 - 11!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GBR X Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who made the trip and supported us! Through the raffle and a kicked in donation from registration fees by Lucky Gunner, Gun Blogger Rendezvous X raised nearly $3,000 for Honored American Veterans Afield!

GBR X survivors on Saturday evening.
A total of 25 registered attendees took part in the 10th annual event. Congrats to everyone who participated and thank you to everyone who spent the weekend shooting for a great cause.

Also, we owe a huge thank you to our sponsors who helped make the weekend of camaraderie possible:

Richard Brengman of Special Interest Arms brought a wealth of knowledge to GBR X as well as a number of firearms many of us have never had the opportunity to see before. That included a Gardner Gun, numerous fully automatic firearms. Going even farther, Richard even donated an AR-15 lower for the raffle.

Richard Brengman of Special Interest Arms with his Gardner Gun
Richard Brengman of Special Interest Arms in Reno, NV

Springfield kicked in a big box full of things like t-shirts, coffee mugs, pilsner glasses, t-shirts and flags for the raffle and door prize drawing, helping support the Rendezvous and HAVA.

Springfield Armory donation to Gun Blogger Rendezvous X

3.) Ruger
Ruger sent some Under Armour and Nike bags that were included in the HAVA raffle. Also, they sent some hats and coffee mugs that were included in the door prize drawing.

Thanks to Ruger for donating some awesome bags and coffee mugs for GBR X.

Mitch Gerlinger from MOA attended and contributed pistol spinner targets, rifle spinner targets, a target stand and some scaled down NRA-style steel targets for the HAVA raffle.

Mitch Gerlinger shares some info about MOA Targets with the group. donated a humidor and cigar sampler for the HAVA raffle with a lighter and cigar cutter.
The Diesel cigar gift pack and humidor supplied.

Self Defense Association donated a platinum membership package worth $250,000 in protection.

Dillon once again donated a range bag for this year’s door prize table as well as some hats.

The team at Allchin was very generous with a number of Ruger scope mounts and Browning Buck Mark base pads.

The NSSF was kind enough to pick up the tab for Saturday night’s pizza feast.

Robert addresses GBR X attendees just before Saturday's pizza dinner.
Target Barn donated a number of targets for door prizes and provided the IDPA targets that were used as part of the ISSA indoor competition on Saturday.
Target Barn provided the IDPA targets that served as the base for the ISSA indoor plates.
11.) Brownells
Brownells donated one of their new ESG range backpacks and a slew of .308/7.62x51 magazines for the HAVA raffle. Also, they were kind enough to send enough lubricant for everyone to get a pack or two.

12.) Burris
Burris donated a very niceAR-F3 optic that was a featured part of the HAVA raffle.

Front Sight donated a four day training course that was included in the HAVA raffle.

14.) Sig Sauer
Jaci and Sig Sauer donated about a dozen Sig hats and keychains that were included in the door prize giveaway.

Bill brought in some ghost ring sights that were included as door prizes.
(Thanks to Bill for the use of this photo)

The folks at Reno Guns were kind enough to hold our shipments for us again this year. Also, they provided us a discounted rate for range use and the scenario simulator on Sunday.
A look inside the brand new indoor range at Reno Guns & Range.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated, sponsored or just watched from afar. We're already making plans for Gun Blogger Rendezvous XI and will have more details on next year's event in the coming months. Until then, look for a few videos of this year's event - including the Gardner Gun's trip through the Silver Legacy casino floor in the next few weeks!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Self Defense Association Sponsors GBR X

Just received word, Self Defense Association is stepping up with a nice sponsorship of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous this year benefitting Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA).

SDA is offering up a year of Platinum Membership as part of the HAVA raffle. Their Platinum Membership provides $250,000 of protection should you need to protect your family in a self-defense situation. The plan provides criminal, civil, and bail bond coverage.

In addition to that coverage, Self Defense Association has a number of other benefits it provides to its members, including instructional DVDs on shooting and training techniques to discounts on gun-related gear and even rental car discounts.

Thanks to Robert Messenger for getting them on board and we're thrilled to have another sponsor of the Rendezvous!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brownells Backing GBR X and HAVA

More good news - Brownells is on-board once again this year as a GBR sponsor!

33" ESG Backpack from Brownells.

Roy Hill just confirmed they're sending one of their new ESG Backpacks to Reno that somebody will be lucky enough to go home with. The bag itself accepts a handgun and mags as well as collapsable-stock AR-15 and magazines. Check out the video below for more details.

Also, Hill said some of the new Brownells .308 AR magazines are headed west to Reno Guns & Range; Plus, there should be enough oil samples to go around.

Thanks to Brownells for once again helping support the GBR and HAVA!


Monday, August 10, 2015

Who Wants a 'Turn'?

We're about 10 days away from the start of this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous!

Just received word from Richard at Special Interest Arms - the Gardner Gun got a little work in today and there don't seem to be any kinks left in the system. So, make sure your arms are ready to give it a crank next week! 

Richard was kind enough to send over the video below.


If you haven't already, be sure to get your ammo order in today so we can ensure it's loaded up with everything that's making the trip west!

See you next week!


Thursday, August 06, 2015

Ruger Continues HAVA & GBR Support

The good folks at Ruger are once again showing their support of Honored American Veterans Afield and the Gun Blogger Rendezvous.

Ken at Ruger sent a big box full of great gear for this year's raffle in support of HAVA. Several Under Armour backpacks and Nike duffel bags that will surely outclass the luggage I'll be packing on the way to Reno! :)

We're just two weeks out! If you haven't signed up for this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous, there are just a couple days left to ensure your ammo makes it to Reno in time for the event. Sign-up here and get yourself registered for an outstanding weekend with fellow shooters!

Also, if you're headed to Reno, be sure to book your room at the Silver Legacy if you haven't already. Use the group code GBLOG15 to get reduced rates!

Thanks to Ruger!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ammo Vouchers Sent & Thanks to Burris!

Once again Lori and the team over at Burris has stepped up with a very generous donation for the HAVA raffle. 

Burris Optics AR-F3 Red Dot Sight.
Lori confirmed this week they're sending a Burris Optics AR-F3 Red Dot sight. This will be included in the raffle on Saturday night. Thank you Burris Optics! We have a number of other raffle prizes that will be included as well so it should be a decent showing with some great stuff to benefit a very worthy cause.

Also, ammo voucher gift codes were sent out today via email. If you haven't received an email to the address you used when registered at Lucky Gunner, please check your junk mail folder. If you don't see it there, feel free to contact me (Anthony) directly via email. I will be sending printed packets later this week with the information again so hopefully we'll have all our bases covered in that regard.

I hope you're ready for a great weekend. I spoke with the Rangemaster at the Washoe County Range late last week and he says they're ready for us so it should be a great time!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Gardner Gun is a Go

So, if you're coming to the Rendezvous, and you own anything chambered in .45-70, you might want to bring it.  Special Interest Arms is bringing their Gardner Gun and some other interesting stuff as well:
Not planning to run it (the Gardner Gun) for hours at a time, just burst, so no need to deal with water for it.

Going to need help getting it into the hotel after the range for the show and tell too.
Some one needs to follow with a camera, the looks on tourist faces as we wheel a Gardner Gun along the casino floor should be priceless!

I'm also planning to bring the 300 BLK Trecenti again and the new 9mm Novem bolt action. If you want to find out just how good your 9mm suppressor is bring it and the ability to put it on 1/2-28 threads. Eliminating the action noise really lets the suppressor work.

Probably bring the AK-47 FA and suppressed FA 9mm AR-15 too. Might even drag out my old .303B deer rifle for the long range targets.

I will try to get Brian to come out again and bring his De Lisle and other suppressors to demonstrate too. He's been in the NFA game for decades and has a lot of interesting stories if you can get him to take time for a real interview. Hint, ask him about how you get a demo letter for a post-sample Mini-Gun.
And Anthony Welsch of is bringing 1,500 rounds of cowboy .45-70 ammo:
I heard back from our purchasing folks today. It sounds like getting some 45-70 in bulk quantities shouldn’t be a problem so I’ll plan to ship 1,500 rounds or so west with the rest of the ammunition orders.

I’ll talk with hotel management and ask if they have any special requests for getting the Gardner inside. If some open carried AR’s at a Chipotle can create national news I can’t imagine what a Gardner on a casino floor would do!
Me either!

I doubt Richard will want to run 1,500 rounds through his $24.500 floor sample. I doubt Anthony wants to ship any ammo HOME, so bring your Trapdoor Springfields, Marlin 1895's and other guns!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Can We Get This Guy Some Help?

Richard from Special Interest Arms came to last year's Rendezvous and brought an assortment of very interesting suppressed firearms for us to shoot.  This year he says:
If I can get some help I might drag out the Gardner Gun and ammo.
45-70 twin barreled brass hand-crank fired fun. Not light, original crew was three guys.

Gardner Gun photo 100_6215.jpg

C'mon, all we need is some strong backs and willing hands!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Still Time To Register for GBR X!

It's going to be a great weekend benefiting a very worthy cause... with a lot of rounds down range!

We're about two months out from GBR X benefitting HAVA (Honored American Veterans Afield) and if you haven't registered, time is running out! If you've waited to register, for the next week you can take advantage of early-bird registration!

Remember, if you're a gun blogger and you register between now and June 17, you'll get a $150 ammo voucher good toward anything Lucky Gunner sells.

To register, head here --- where else can you get that kind of ammo for your investment, spend a weekend with some like-minded shooters and help a great cause like HAVA in the process?

GBR X is August 20 - August 23 in Reno, NV

We're already seeing support pour in from some long-time Gun Blogger Rendezvous sponsors in the form of door prizes and raffle items.

Thanks to Dillon Precision, Allchin Gun Parts, and Front Sight Firearms Training for helping out with some great shooting stuff you can see in the photo above!

Also, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has agreed to once again sponsor a pizza dinner for everyone this year.  That's great news.

It's going to be a great time in Reno on August 20 and the more the merrier. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Anthony at Lucky Gunner or Mike (Mr. Completely)!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

GBR X - Additional Details

We've had a strong start and crossed into double digits earlier this week, which is great news and should make for a fun weekend.

Early registration is still open if you haven't registered. Remember, if you register by June 1, you get a reduced rate and Lucky Gunner is kicking in $150 in ammo for new media members. You can register here.

We're planning to send an email to everybody who registered in the next week or so with some more specifics but I can imagine many of us are getting things in place in terms of logistics so I wanted to pass along a couple notes below.

Note on Lodging at the Silver Legacy

If you're planning to stay at the Silver Legacy, our group code is GBLOG15 this year.

That code will get you a discounted room rate of $59 Thursday and Sunday and $119 on Friday and Saturday nights. To get the reduced rate, please call the Silver Legacy at 800-687-8733.

Once again, the Silver Legacy has kicked in meeting space for us at the resort/casino so we'll have a good central location to gather each night of the Rendezvous.

Note on Firearms Shipping

The good folks at U.S. Firearms Academy agreed to hold any firearms we'd like to ship in advance of GBR. They are in the process of moving into a second, larger facility in Reno. We're anticipating an address in the next week or two and we'll be sure to share it as soon as we can.

Like last year, they have requested we don't ship any firearms to them too far in advance.

GBR X is getting closer! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mike or email Anthony.

If you have any suggestions, don't be afraid to pass them along as well. I appreciate everyone's patience as Mike gets me up to speed on all this.



Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gun Blogger Rendezvous X Registration Is Open!

The official press release follows - looking forward to seeing everyone this August! 

Gun Blogger Rendezvous X is now open for registration. The event will celebrate its 10th year of uniting gun owners, new media, firearms industry partners and other 2nd Amendment supporters this August 20 – 23 in Reno, Nevada.

New media members and other shooters are expected to gather at the Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino as well as shooting ranges and facilities surrounding the area for a weekend of shooting and camaraderie for a great cause.

"The Gun Blogger Rendezvous has been a project of mine for the last nine years, and it has reached the point where it needs some additional quality man power to take it to the next level,” Mike Gallion, competitive steel shooter, gun blogger and founder of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous said. “The folks at Lucky Gunner will help this year's Rendezvous to be even bigger and better than ever, and the ammo bonus makes it almost a 'no-brainer'! See you in Reno!"

This year, as part of an expanded role in the event, Lucky Gunner is issuing a $150 voucher for ammunition to each media attendee who completes their registration by June 1. To register for this year’s Rendezvous, please head here. The ammo (or accessories) will be delivered to Reno the weekend of the Rendezvous for attendees to fire or save as they see fit.

“We’re excited to play a bigger part in the Rendezvous and help support a great cause,” a release from Lucky Gunner said. “Gun Blogger Rendezvous has been an awesome example of not only the sense of community that new media and bloggers have with one another but also their sense of patriotism when you look at the grassroots support they’ve generated for a handful of charitable organizations in the past.”

Registration for attendees is $35 before June 1, which will help cover the cost of refreshments, some meals and meeting space in Reno. The Silver Legacy Resort & Casino in Reno is the official hotel of the Rendezvous. They’ve granted block rates for attendees of $59 per night on August 20 and August 23 and $119 per night on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22.

Attendees should also expect modest fees at local ranges as part of the total cost to attend weekend. There are a limited number of spots available so interested attendees are encouraged to register as quickly as possible.

Once again, this year’s event will benefit Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA), an organization that aids disabled soldiers as they transition from military life to civilian life in the United States. Door prizes, raffles and more during the Rendezvous will benefit the worthy non-profit. Plus, Lucky Gunner will donate $10 for every registrant that’s signed up to attend by June 1.

Block rates for attendees are available at the Silver Legacy Resort & Casino. Full details on how to secure the block rate are available along with the sign-up at Lucky Gunner.


Monday, February 09, 2015

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to be meeting with some folks at the SHOT Show regarding the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. I won't go into  the details right now, pending their own press release. Here's what I can tell you so far:

1. There WILL be a Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno this year at the Silver Legacy.

2. The dates have been moved up by a few weeks to August 20th through the 23rd.

3. The basic layout and activities will be similar to last year. At least, that's the plan so far. Some new things are being discussed.

4. Our corporate sponsor has been a sponsor of the GBR in previous years, and they have been there in person.

5. We are working on some possible additional incentives for attendees. (No more hints!!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GBR IX After-Action Report

Yeah, I know, I'm really late on this one but I have a (mostly) valid excuse.  Immediately upon return to Arizona, I went back to work and busted a** for the next nine days in a row.  THEN I got four days off. 

So!  Gun Blogger Rendezvous #9 is in the record books, and as they go, this was a pretty good one.  Attendance was down this year.  A lot of regulars couldn't make it for economic or work- or school-related reasons, but we did have appearances by former attendees who hadn't made one in a year or six.  The former DirtCrashr who now resides at Not Clauswitz made an appearance, though his wife declined to come at the last minute.  The not-blogging-much Conservative UAW Guy (and now partner in a gun shop) came and brought his lovely better-half.  Namer of the Blogosphere Bill Quick of Daily Pundit put in a repeat appearance, as did Billll of Billll's Idle MindEngineering Johnson, who contributed a refurbished Model 74 Winchester rifle and a custom holster for the Ruger Mk III Hunter also repeated.  Unfortunately, his dad True Blue Sam couldn't join him this year.  Mr. Completely and KeeWee, our hosts rounded out the bloggers who came, at least those whose names I got. 

This year we had a lot of local attendance, with a repeat by the Wilson family and friends, who somehow managed to take home most of the top prizes (including three of the four guns given away.)  And we had a repeat appearance by local manufacturer and Special Occupational Taxpayer Richard Brengman of Special Interest Arms, and his distributor Brian Borg of who brought an assortment of suppressed firearms and a squirt-gun to play with to the Friday range trip followed by the Friday night Show-n-Tell.

I kinda lust after one of their De Lisle carbines.  As Billll said about one of his other suppressed weapons, I've handled office staplers that were louder.  I just need to win the lottery....

Breakfast on Friday was supplied by the National Rifle Association, and their representative spoke to us about current strategy and concerns.  They're quite concerned about Bloomberg and his personal fortune.  The NRA isn't throwing a lot of money at Washington state's I-594 initiative - at least not what Bloomberg's throwing.  Her argument, condensed, is that the NRA has a more limited war chest and must fight on a broad front.  Bloomie can pick and choose, and throw as much money as he wants at something, not that doing so will guarantee him a "win" (see Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke's victory in the face of $150,000 of Bloomberg's money - more than both candidates spent in total.)  Still, gun-rights supporters in Washington are not pleased by the NRA's apparent lack of involvement, and the organization was so informed.

As is traditional, we held the raffle on Saturday evening, and we raised, even with light attendance, right at $4,000 for Honored American Veterans Afield.  I'd like to thank the manufacturers and their reps, distributors and retailers who contributed to the Rendezvous so that we could raise that money:
  • Ken Jorgensen of Ruger - for the Mk III Hunter
  • MKS Supply for their nine years of support and the .45 Carbine they donated this year, plus shirts and hats.
  • Osage County Guns and Kevin Creighton for the Sig 1911-22 they donated.  This was their first year.
  • Lori Yunker of Burris Optics for the AR-F³ sight they donated.
  • Allen Forkner of Swanson Russell and Redfield for the Battlezone 6-18x44mm scope they donated.
  • Eric Harvey of Dillon Precision for providing one of their "Ammo-shift" bags.
  • Larry Weeks of Brownell's for providing once again one of their top-of-the-line range bags and five tactical flashlights.  Brownell's, too, has been a sponsor from year one.
  • Crimson Trace for a pair of laser sights for Glock pistols.
  • Cabela's for the donation of a rod-n-reel, shirts and hats.
  • Tom Tayor of Mossberg for the donation of T-shirts, tactical pens and a very nice Schrade lockback knife.
  • Bear Bullets for the donation of a tub-o'-.22 ammo. (A Remington Bucket O' Bullets - 1400 rounds worth!)
  • WGM Tactical Precision for the donation of a stripped AR lower (which I guess qualifies as the FIFTH firearm given away), and a lifetime membership to Front Sight
  • Front Sight itself for a certificate good for a four-day training course, or two two-day classes.
  • Special Interest Arms for the donation of scope mounts for a No. 1 Mk III and a No. 4 Enfield
  • Engineering Johnson for the Winchester Model 74 and the beautiful hand-tooled holster for the Ruger.
I also want to thank the folks at U.S. Firearms Academy for graciously acting as our shipping receiver, the fine folks at the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility for the reserved range space on Friday and the Western Nevada Pistol League for use of their shooting bays and steel on Saturday, and finally the folks at MiScenarios for the interactive digital range time on Sunday. That was worth hanging around for, and the better part of a dozen of us showed up to try it.

Once again, thanks to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for their sponsorship (they bought our pizza Saturday night).

If I missed anyone, please let me know and I'll be sure to include you.

And yes, I ended my eight-year drought by winning... the Hi-Point.

I think I'll steam-punk it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Directions to the Ranges

Driving Directions from Hotel to Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility – Pyramid Range Friday for long Range Rifle and Pistol, and Saturday for Steel shooting.
  • Start at (Silver Legacy) 407 N VIRGINIA ST, RENO going toward E 5TH ST - go 0.3 mi
  • 0.3 Turn RIGHT (East) onto E Maple St 131 yds
  • 0.4 Take Ramp onto I-80
  • Take SR-445 [Pyramid Lake Hwy] exit towards Pyramid Lake
  • Follow road towards Pyramid Lake. Watch for sign to range.
  • 26.8 (Approx.) Turn LEFT (West) onto Local road(s) 0.7 mi
  • 27.5 Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto Local road(s) 43 yds
  • 27.6 Arrive Range
Driving distance: 27.6 miles; Trip duration: 31
GPS Coordinates:  N 39 51.374            W 119 40.046

On Friday we will be shooting at the covered Public Shooting range area. On Saturday we will be at the Western Nevada Pistol League pistol bays. These bays are part of the same facility. The pistol bays are in the same area, but to the right of the public shooting area, down a dirt road. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And That Makes FOUR

In keeping with tradition, MKS Supply / Hi-Point is donating a 9mm Carbine to the Rendezvous.  This will be the ninth year of their support, in from the very beginning!
 photo 995TS.jpg

While perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing, these things have a reputation for WORKING. Bill Llewellen, who is attending again this year, has a .40 S&W version that (being a mechanical engineer and inveterate tinkerer) he has extensively modified.  Capitalist Pig, also attending again this year, has the 9mm version that he has torture-tested.  A thousand-plus rounds without cleaning!

So what does the title of this post mean?  Well, in addition to the Hi-Point carbine, we're giving away a Ruger Mk III Hunter, a SIG 1911-22, and Engineering Johnson is donating a Winchester Model 74.  If I don't go home with a new (to me) gun THIS year, I'll give up!  And, of course there's all the OTHER great stuff you can win!  So, get registered and make your hotel reservations!  It's only two weeks away!

And check out the Schedule of Events!


For Hitting Little Things a Long Way Off

This year Redfield is donating a Battlezone 6-18x44mm scope to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous!

From the press release:
Redfield® is expanding on its popular Battlezone™ riflescope line with a new 6-18x44mm model. Designed for the AR, modern sporting or precision bolt-action rifle, the Battlezone delivers all the tactical utility demanding marksmen require at an economical price.

The Battlezone 6-18x44mm features fully multicoated lenses, Bullet Drop Compensation System (BDC) and TAC-MOA™ reticle. Pop-up, resettable 1/4-MOA finger adjustments offer tactile/audible clicks.

The Bullet Drop Compensation System comes with two adjustment dials calibrated in two of the most popular calibers for tactical rifles. The .223/5.56mm NATO dial is set up for 55gr bullets at 3,100 fps. The second dial is calibrated for 168gr .308/7.62mm NATO bullets at 2,650 fps. Each dial is marked in 50-yard increments.

The TAC-MOA reticle features stadia lines on the horizontal and vertical crosshairs set at one minute of angle (MOA) increments. This allows the marksman to quickly holdover for wind or elevation, and can be used for range estimation on objects of known size.

A fast-focus eyepiece helps shooters get on target and easily adapt to changing conditions. Like all Redfield riflescopes, the Battlezone is built to withstand the elements. 100% waterproof, nitrogen-filled maintubes prevent fogging and freezing, and are guaranteed to stay sealed for the life of the scope. The Battlezone is covered by Redfield’s "No Excuses™" lifetime warranty.
This is a 1" tube scope.  Here's what it looks like:
 photo RED118929.jpg

But you must be present to win! Get your reservations made and your registration sent in NOW!


Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 Gun Blogger Rendezvous Schedule of Events

2014 Gun Blogger Rendezvous Schedule of Events
Updated 09/01/2014

Subject to change as things are added or moved around

Wednesday, September 3rd.

6:15 Pm. For those arriving on Wednesday, KeeWee and I and some of the other early arrivers are planning on having dinner at the El Dorado Buffet Restaurant. The El Dorado is part of the same giant casino complex as the Silver Legacy and the Circus Circus. The El Dorado Buffet is at one end of the complex. The Silver Legacy is in the middle, and the Circus Circus is on the opposite end.

Thursday, September 4th

8:30 am. Leave the Silver Legacy Hospitality Room for one of the restaurants for breakfast.
1:15 pm.
Leave the Hospitality Room to car pool to Scheels.
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm. Guided tour of Scheels Sporting Goods and browsing/shopping. Buy ammo? Pick up munchies and soft drinks on way back to hotel.
6:00 pm. Leave the Hospitality Room to go to dinner. Location to be determined later.
Thursday Evening until midnight: Refreshments and conversation at the Silver Legacy Hospitality room. Bring your own refreshments and munchies.

Friday, September 5th.

8:00 am. NRA Sponsored breakfast in our Hospitality room. Catherine Mortensen of the NRA will address the group, bringing us up to speed on what's going on, and what's on the horizon concerning the NRA and our 2nd. Amendment rights.
9:00 am. Leave the Silver Legacy Hospitality room to car pool up and head out to the Washoe County Shooting Facility, the Pyramid range for rifle and pistol target shooting out to 900 yards.
9:45 am – 2:00pm. At the range.
4:00 pm. – 5:45pm. Show-N-Tell at the Silver Legacy Hospitality room. Manufacturers and show new stuff, and attendees show neat things too!
6:00 pm. Leave the Silver Legacy Hospitality room to go to  Dos Gecko’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner. A 3 minute walk from Hospitality Room.
7:15 pm. (Approx) Brian Ciyou from, will talk to us, and other industry, shooting sports, and legal aspect folks will follow.
Friday Evening until midnight: Refreshments and conversation at the Silver Legacy Hospitality room. Bring your own refreshments and munchies.
Saturday, September 6th.

8:00 am. Lucky Gunner sponsored Breakfast in the Silver Legacy Hospitality room.
9:00 am. Leave the Silver Legacy Hospitality room to car pool up and head out to the Washoe County Shooting Facility, Western Nevada Pistol League Action Pistol bays at the Pyramid range for an introduction to International Steel Shooting Association Action Pistol shooting, and more.
9:45 am – 2:00 pm. At the range.
5:00 pm – 6 pm.
Short presentation by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. possible other short presentations, and information on the Honored American Veterans Afield Charity.
6:00 pm. NSSF all you can eat pizza feed at the Silver Legacy Hospitality room. After dinner will be the fund raiser raffle for Honored American Veterans Afield and the drawings for the door prizes.
Saturday Evening until Midnight: Refreshments and conversation at the Silver Legacy Hospitality room. Bring your own refreshments and munchies.

Sunday, September 7th.

8:00 am. Leave the Silver Legacy Hospitality room for one of the restaurants for breakfast.
9:15 am. Leave the Silver Legacy Hospitality room to car pool up and head out to the U.S. Firearms Academy for some digital live scenario shooting fun. We will also visit Reno Guns, and BattleBorn, which are next door.
  9:45 am – NOON. Digital scenario shooting and shoot house.

Please note that times and events may change at the last minute, so be sure to check the schedule posted in the Hospitality room regularly.


More Stuff!

Brownell's has been a supporter of the Rendezvous since the first year, and each year they donate one of their top-of-the-line range bags:
 photo l_084000118_1.jpg
 photo l_084000118_2.jpg
From Brownell's catalog:
The Signature Series Range Bag is a versatile, two-in-one bag system featuring a roomy, outer bag with large exterior, bellow pockets and an inner, open bag with adjustable dividers, padded pistol inserts, magazine pouches and much, much more. Both bags are constructed of long lasting, 1000 denier, Cordura® nylon with non-scratching, self-healing, YKK zippers and solid brass pulls. We even added stylish, top-grain, leather straps to the zipper pulls where needed to make opening and closing the “high-use” compartments easier when wearing shooting gloves. Adjustable shoulder strap is made of strong, 1½" wide nylon webbing and includes a comfortable pad lined with non-slip, suede leather. Quickly detachable, brass-plated swivel clips are springloaded for extra security and allow shoulder strap to be interchanged between inner and outer bags. Inner bag provides safe transport for match pistols when you don’t want to leave them in your competition holster. Use the inner bag to carry just what you need to the firing line and for fast “bag-up” after shooting. If you have a lot of gear, use the bags separately for nearly twice the storage capacity. The double-layered, 3/8" thick, corrugated bottom panels in both bags give full support for heavy loads of ammunition, pistols, tools, sandbags and other shooting accessories while retaining the original shape of the bag. The Signature Series is a full-featured bag, designed to perform and built to last.
Outer Bag:
• Moisture-resistant, 1000 denier, Cordura nylon.
• Large, main compartment with zippered top, measures 18" long, 9" wide, 12" high.
• Zippered, main, side pocket: 17" long, 2½" wide, 10" high. Holds shooting glasses, muffs, and cleaning supplies.
• Two, padded end pockets 7" long, 2½" wide, 10" high provide ample room for choke tubes, spare parts, etc.
• Two, flat, zippered pockets 18" long, 7" and 8" high for targets, notebooks, ballistic sheets, etc.
• Four, brass-plated D-rings provide lockable storage when used with your own padlocks.
• Adjustable shoulder strap with polished, quick-release, swivel clips.
• 2" wide, wrap-around carry handles with contoured grip area and hook and loop carry handle.
• Self-healing zippers and solid brass, #9 zipper pulls.
• Full 3/8" thick, bottom panel is composed of two, corrugated, double-wall, plastic sheets glued, then layered in opposite directions for superior strength and rigidity.
Inner Bag:
• 1000 denier, Cordura nylon with knit back, expanded vinyl lining for excellent water-resistance.
• Two, fully padded pistol inserts with soft, wool-like Sherpa® lining and hook and loop closure straps fit inside the full-length, zippered side pockets for extra security. Accepts scoped, competition guns, spotting scopes, etc.
• Two, removable, high-strength, plastic dividers with reinforced hook and loop edging for spacing adjustments; provides up to three individual compartments.
• Brass-plated D-rings for shoulder strap attachment.
• 3/8" thick, double-layered, bottom panel supports the heaviest gear.
• Padded end panels for extra protection of inner bag contents.
• Six, individually sewn, magazine pouches.
• Self-healing zippers and solid brass, #9 zipper pulls.
• Two, elastic, retaining straps for shooting towels, extra ammo and magazines.
The price on this thing in the catalog is $249.99. Mine is eight years old now, has made innumerable trips to the range loaded to the gills, and still looks new.

Brownells has also donated five tactical flashlights:
 photo l_080001089_1.jpg
Again, from the catalog:
The compact, amazingly powerful BVL530 is the light to have when you need emergency or supplemental lighting. At less than 5-1/2" long, it’s small enough to go with you everywhere, so you’ll have it whenever you need it. Don’t be deceived by the size - the BVL530 delivers power that belies its small stature. An ultra-reliable, shockproof, CREE® XM-L2 LED emitter gives an astonishing 530 lumens maximum output that will illuminate the darkest corners. The Low (175 lumen) mode is brighter than "high" mode on a lot of other lights, and there’s a power-saving Ultra-Low (13 lumen) mode, too. High mode can be set to steady-on or strobe. Change modes by hitting a simple sequence of "clicks" on the sealed rubber tailcap switch. All this power sticks around, too: you get up to 2.5 hours continuous output in High mode, and an amazing 9 hours in Low.
And if you come to the Rendezvous, you could be taking one of these home with you!