Monday, September 04, 2006

More "Who's Gonna Be There"

I just got email confirmation that the chief cook and bottle washer from "Say Uncle" will be attending the Rendezvous. That's another of my Read Daily" blogs on the blogroll. You DO read Say Uncle, don't you?

I also have got confirmation that KrisB and JillP will also be attending. As far as I know, neither Kris nor Jill have their own blogs, but I know that Kris appears regularly in the comments on a number of the gun blogs.

I first met Kris and Jill at the Douglas Ridge Innaugural Bowling Pin shoot in Portland early this Spring, where Kris dispelled any notions that a .480 revolver can't be fired quickly or accurately. He did both, and made it look easy! As I remember, Jill was shooting a Glock.

Get your rerservations in ASAP, we will soon need to be able to tell the hotel how many dinners we will be needing at the banquet.



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