Friday, September 21, 2007

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Photo Credit To Fodder at Ride Fast - Shoot Straight

Things are cookin' right along on the Gun Blogger Rendezvous front. Someone left a comment that they were buying a couple of hundred dollars worth of Boomershoot items to bring to the Rendezvous as prizes. Although they left the comment anonymously, since Joe Huffman, the brains and brawn behind the Boomershoot Festival will be coming to the Rendezvous, I suspect Joe had something to do with it. It's looking like there will be a lot of really neat prizes, and some great items, including the Hi-Point pistol, in the fund raiser raffle at the banquet.

The Show & Tell session on Friday night is going to be expanded a bit to include a "Soap Box" session where anyone there can have the floor to discuss anything they feel relevant to our interests. Just like the Hyde Park Soap Box Sessions in London, though ,we reserve the right to agree, disagree, join in, and/or heckle, as we like! All in good fun, of course!

One of our blogger attendees (who will remain unnamed for the time being), is trying to arrange for a major rep. from a "Really Big Shooting Association" (also unnamed for the time being) to attend at least part of the Rendezvous, to speak to us, listen to us, and answer our questions. If, and that's still a big "IF", this comes together, we will set up a special session for this, most likely after lunch on Friday.

Keep your fingers crossed on this, as this could prove to be a highlight of the Rendezvous.

If you haven't got your reservations and registration in for the Rendezvous, there is still time, but not much! The hotel is doing their best to hold it open for us for the special rates, so CALL THEM TODAY AND MAKE YOUR ROOM RESERVATIONS! If you miss the discount deadline, you can still book a room and attend the Rendezvous, but it will cost a little bit more for your room. Mind you, the room rates at the Circus Circus are very reasonable as hotels go anyway, but why not save a few bucks if you can! The Registration for the Rendezvous itself also has to be sent in right away so I can tell the hotel how many dinners we will need, and how large of a dining room.

Don't spend the next year wishing you had attended this year's Rondy! Get off your "smallish Horse like animal" and get your reservations made with the Circus Circus, and your Rondy Registration sent in.

If not, KeeWee will kick your butt..........

(Really! She can do it, too!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, that was me who posted about the Boomershoot stuff (hats, mugs, and magnets). Sorry about it being anonymous. I was in a hurry and wasn't paying attention.


Sat Sep 22, 09:09:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Melody Byrne said...

Now that's it getting close to time, can we open a couple of planning threads? Chris and I are going to be arriving Thursday night, and we'd like to know who else is arriving on Thursday. Also, we're renting a five-seater SUV so we can take a couple of people to the range with us if anyone needs a ride.

Sun Sep 23, 04:37:00 PM 2007  

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