Sunday, September 27, 2009

GBR-IV Report - Part 1

KeeWee and I arrived in Reno on Wednesday, the day before the Rendezvous. The shuttle ride from Whidbey Island to Seattle, the Horizon flight to Reno, and the shuttle ride to the Silver Legacy were all uneventful, in other words, just as I like it. We checked in at the hotel, and dropped our bags in the room. We stopped by the hotel offices and checked in with our account representatives to make sure everything was in order for the Gun Bloggers for the next four days. The tables, chairs, and layout were just as we had requested.

KeeWee had to try out the huge ornate chair in the lobby of the Silver Legacy.

After making sure we were all set for the Rendezvous, we headed back to the room to relax a bit before heading out to dinner. The view from the 28th. floor was spectacular.

Looking in the general direction of Virginia City.

28 floors up means it's a L-O-N-G ways down!

We arranged to meet for dinner in the El Dorado buffet with Monty from the Western Nevada Pistol League club to sort out the final details and logistics for Saturday’s Steel Challenge shooting. Monty had recommended the El Dorado’s buffet as being exceptionally good, and it was as he had described, good food, lots of variety, and lots of choices for deserts. I think I gained ten pounds in one meal!

After dinner we stopped by the hospitality room to see if any gun bloggers had shown up yet, and a few were starting to arrive. We visited a bit, then it was off to bed early, as Thursday the Rendezvous started up in earnest.

Thursday morning we had breakfast in the Americana Café in Circus Circus. After breakfast we wandered around a bit to get our bearings. By now more of the gang were starting to arrive. At 2PM. We stopped by the Hospitality Room to get car-pooled up for our field trip to Scheel’s, the largest “All Sports” store in the world. Is it? Don’t know, but at approximately 300,000 square feet, it truly is huge. We had arranged for an employee of Scheel’s to show us around and tell us a bit about the store. If you are in Reno, it’s definitely worth a look, and be sure to try some of their fudge. There must have been thirty or forty different flavors, and they’d give you samples to taste for free! Scheel’s also has quite a large gun department, and most of us spent some time there eye-balling their inventory.

After browsing through Scheel’s, we headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner. On the way back from Scheel’s Phil and David, the editorial staff from Random Nuclear Strikes, stopped and picked up soft drinks, mixers, and munchies for the Hospitality Room. By now even more of the gang had arrived, and we all headed back to the El Dorado Buffet for dinner. After another big dinner, we staggered back to the Hospitality Room for an evening of enlightened conversation, a spirited and enlightened discussion, OK, a BS session that went well into the night.

Not too late for me, however, as tomorrow was the first range day. Don’t want to be too groggy for that!

— To Be Continued —


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