Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi Point Donates Carbine to Rendezvous

Would you like to win a brand new Hi-Point 9mm. carbine? One of the lucky folks at this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous will be the proud owner on a Hi-Point 995ts carbine. The rules are pretty simple. You have to attend this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous, and you have to buy a raffle ticket! The odds of winning are really good as the number of tickets sold will give you excellent odds.Of course, you must be able to legally own it or you can't win it, for obvious reasons, but other than that all you have to do is to attend the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, buy a ticket (or several to boost your odds), and get lucky!

"Win Me" at this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous!
All the money raised at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous goes to Project Valour-IT, so by buying raffle tickets you are also supporting a really outstanding charity to help our injured military folks.

Hi-Point and the other sponsors  will also be donating some neat stuff for door prizes so everyone who attends will definitely walk away with some great swag.

We owe a big THANKS to Charles Brown, the head guy at  Hi-Point and MKS Supply, for generously donating this very cool rifle to our fund raising raffle. If possible, Charlie is going to try to attend this year's Rendezvous in person, so keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gun Blogger Rendezvous Registrations Critically Low

It's only 41 days until this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous, and so far the number of registrations sent in for the Rendezvous are critically low. There are a number of factors that probably are contributing to this including the state of the economy, higher air fares, and other factors, too. Some folks who usually attend the Rendezvous every year won't be there this year due to circumstances beyond their control, but are still planning to be there next year.

It has been suggested that the Rendezvous should be moved closer to one place or the other, but any move closer to one region is farther from somewhere else. Reno is one of the most gun-friendly places around, and if you make a list of all the factors, there are few, if any, places that score as high as Reno. It is also important to me that the location is at least close to my resident time zone. Trying to set up a convention over the phone is enough of a project as it is, without having to deal with a large time zone difference too. The Silver Legacy hotel people have been really good to work with, and without a really helpful bunch of folks in the group sales department, the Rendezvous wouldn't be possible, at least if it's put on by only one person (me).

The gang at Western Nevada Pistol League have been great in letting us use their pistol bays and loaning us steel targets, stands, and timers. Not every club would do that for us. You don't find a  1,000 yard rifle range everywhere either, and the Pyramid range just outside of Reno is excellent. Having the Quick Cal Eilrich, the Cowboy Fast Draw Association's founder only 20 miles away in Fernley, Nevada, is a big help as it makes setting up a Cowboy Fast Draw event for the attendees possible. Having 23 restaurants available in the resort hotel complex is handy, as you can always find something to eat at the rendezvous 24/7.

For the Rendezvous to be successful a minimum number of rooms must be occupied at the hotel each night, which in turn, gets us the free internet access, discounted room rates, and most importantly, the free use of the Silver Baron 'B' Hospitality room, where a number of our activities are held. If we were not to get the Hospitality Room for free, most, if not all of the registration receipts would go to renting them instead of going to Project Valour-IT. Some things, like the Friday morning breakfast have a minimum number requirement for the hotel to serve it. At the moment we are below that point. The status of the breakfast, at least as originally planned, is still up in the air.

To get good sponsorships and valuable donations of  guns and so forth for the Valour-IT fund raiser raffle, I need to be able to show to the sponsors that they will be getting some good exposure for their companies and products. One of the first questions they ask is about attendance. The bigger our Rendezvous, the more sense it makes for the sponsors to donate more valuable items. They only have so much it the budget to spend, and to stay in business, they need to get the most bang for the buck, and you certainly can't blame them. It is critical for the continued success of the Rendezvous that we have enough folks show up.

 This year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous will absolutely go on as planned, and all of the activities originally on the tentative schedule are still planned. We will still get in lots of range time, lots of socializing, a pizza feed, and some other activities too. We will still have the raffle on Saturday night, as we have done in the past.

If you are still undecided about attending, send in your registration and book your room ASAP. You definitely will be glad you did, as we always have a good time. If you have attended the Rendezvous in the past, but other things have come up and you can't be there this year, please encourage others to attend. Tell them about the good times you've had at previous GBR's. If you are a blogger and you've attended in the past, help to get the word out on the Rendezvous. If you can, put up a post describing your previous attendance from your point of view. Let folks know that it's a weekend like no other, and the socializing alone is well worth the trip.

The bottom line is this. This year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous will definitely go on as planned. Next year's Rendezvous, however, may or may not happen, depending on the success we have this year. For the Rendezvous to prosper, it must continue to grow. If it does not, then maybe the writing is on the wall and this may be the last Gun Blogger Rendezvous, at least in its present form.Time will tell........

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cabelas/Reno to Sponsor Gun Blogger Rendezvous

The Beautiful Cabela's Store in Reno.
Great news! I just got off the phone with the great folks at the Cabelas store in Reno, and they will be joining as a Co-sponsor at this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous. With all of the door prizes and raffle prizes at each year's Rendezvous, it's just not possible for everything to be shipped to me, and for me to be able to drag everything to Reno on the airplane.

In previous years HiCap Gun Works in Reno has served as a shipping destination for all the swag, but HiCap has sold their business to The Safe Shot Indoor Range, and have closed their doors. Gary and Jamie at the Reno Cabela's have agreed to step in and help us out by serving as our shipping destination for GBR-V. YAY!!!
Gary, the Gun Library Manager 
at the Reno Cabela's.

Some of you that were at GBR-III may remember Gary, as he was the one who gave us the guided tour of the Cabelas store that year. We are planning on doing another guided tour at Cabela's again this year, most likely on Thursday afternoon. The gun library is really something to see, and the fudge shop, YUM! They even have a restaurant where we had lunch.

If you are still undecided as to if you are going to attend this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous, this is one more reason to come to Reno and join in on the fun.

It's going to be a blast!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Raffle Rules For Firearms

Drawing will be on Saturday evening, September 11th at the
at the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno, Nevada.
All Raffle tickets will be sold only at the Rendezvous.
The winner MUST be present to win.
It is up to the raffle ticket purchaser to verify that they can legally receive and own this pistol where they live, and the winner must be a resident of the United States.
If they cannot legally own this pistol, they are automatically disqualified from the raffle, no substitution or other prize to be awarded, and there will be no refund.
All decisions are final.
Important: To win a gun in the raffle, make sure you can legally own it before you buy a ticket.

Glock Donates a New Glock to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous

I've got all sorts of good news regarding the Gun Blogger Rendezvous coming up in September.  Today, however, I'm extremely pleased to announce that Glock has  again agreed to help sponsor the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, coming up September  9, 10, 11, & 12th. in Reno at the Silver Legacy hotel and Casino. As a Glock owner, (a G17, a G22, and a G34, if you must know!) I am pleased to see Glock join the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. This year Glock is donating a


The new Glock will be raffled in the fund raising raffle for Project Valour-IT. However, this year the raffle will be open only to attendees of the Rendezvous, so some lucky attendee at the Rendezvous will win a brand new Glock! If you are planning on attending the Rendezvous this year, be sure to bring plenty of money for raffle tickets, as your odds of winning a new Glock, a $2,000 dollar training session at Front Site, or other very valuable prizes will be very good.

If you've considered attending the Rendezvous in the past but didn't quite manage to make it last year, this is the year to be sure to attend. There will be lots of range time, including some Steel Challenge action pistol shooting, long range rifle and pistol shooting, and some Cowboy Fast Draw fun for everyone. There will be a social session with folks from the NRA, a fund raising raffle for Project Valour-IT, an "All you can eat" pizza feed, and "Social Gatherings" (read: BS Sessions) until the wee small hours every night in our own Hospitality room at the Silver Legacy Hotel. There is also a possibility of some "Full Auto" range time with rental waepons at a lead free indoor range. This is still in the works......

If you are a gun blogger, mil blogger, shooting enthusiast, competitive shooter, or a reader of the blogs that cover shooting and 2nd. amendment stuff from time to time, you are all welcome to attend. You do not have to be a blogger to attend. The cost of the registration for the Rendezvous is low, and the cost of Silver Legacy accommodations is very reasonable, in fact, the Silver Legacy rooms are either the same, or less expensive than last year, depending on the night of the week.

Fellow bloggers, please give me a hand in getting the word out on the Rendezvous any way you can. It all helps. If you have attended in the past and are planning to be there this year, why not encourage some of the other bloggers in your area to attend this year too? We could stand to have a few more folks show up as one of the first questions the possible sponsors ask is how many will be attending. The more folks attending, the easier it is to get more sponsors.

Last year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous was the best ever, and this year we are adding several new things to make it even better, so you really don't want to miss out!

Hope to see YOU there!

Friday, July 09, 2010

This year's Gun Blogger rendezvous is only 61 days away, and time is flying by! Do you have your hotel reservations and Rendezvous Registration set up? If not, you better get on it right away!

The Gun Blogger Rendezvous is like no other event as it's all about the gun bloggers themselves. We don't have a big name celebrity speaker where the attendees sit in the seats and are basically spectators. That's not to say that there won't be some really interesting people there, though. Last year Alan Gura was there, and we all got to learn a lot about the legal stuff he's been up to lately from an insider's perspective.

The Rendezvous is not a side event for some other much larger happening like the NRA convention. No, at the Rendezvous the attendees themselves are the reason to be there. The discussions in the hospitality rooms go well into the night every night of the Rendezvous.

Sure, during the day we get in plenty of shooting, including rifles and pistols at targets out to 1,000 yards, Steel Challenge against the clock, even with a bit of coaching from Molly Smith, who's not only a blogger, but is also the Steel Challenge Pre-Teen World Champion! Plans are also underway for some Cowboy Fast Draw practice under the watchful eye of Quick Cal Eilrich. Quick Cal is the "Intergalactic Fast Draw" Champion (Not really, I made that up, but if it DID exist, Cal would win it!) in addition to numerous National and World Championships. I am also looking into some range time at a new indoor lead-free range in Reno that rents guns, including FULL AUTO goodies! Interested? I thought you would be!

So, if you attend this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous, who are you likely to meet there? Well, here's a few:

Rachel Parsons, representing the NRA. You've probably seen her on TV as the NRA 2nd. Amendment Spokesperson. If you still aren't quite sure exactly who Rachel is, go to Youtube and enter 'Rachel Parsons NRA' in the search box, then watch a few of her television interviews. Very impressive, and you can meet Rachel in person at the Rendezvous.

Derek - from "The Packing Rat" blog. An excellent photographer, blogger, shooter, and avid hiker. Oh, and he was also not only the fastest centerfire Steel Challenge shooter, he also won the Cowboy Fast Draw Blogger match.

Molly Smith - from the Molly Minute blog. Molly is one of the better blog writers out there when the subject is competition shooting. One of her first posts, writing about "Being in the zone" when shooting, is one of the best I've ever read on the subject. For competition shooting, it's all about being in the zone. Molly is also sponsored by Smith & Wesson, and she shoots the Bianchi Cup, IPSC, Steel Challenge, and other stuff too, and preferably, with a revolver. Did I mention she's thirteen? Yup.......

Kevin - from The Smallest Minority blog. Kevin has been to every GBR since the beginning, and it just wouldn't be The Gun Blogger Rendezvous without him. It's worth the trip just to meet Kevin in person.

Dirtcrashr - from Anthroblogogy. His blog header describes the blog as the "Partially sprawling adventures of a culturally hegemonic anti-idiotarian functional-structuralist and anti-collectivist imperialist among the smugly self-satisfied Prius-driving lizadroid-Leftbat Californoodlian Eco-Tofuistas. With guns and some home-improvement stuff." Got that? Me neither, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate......

That's just a sample of some of the cool kids that will be there at this year's Gun Blogger Rendezvous. I'll be posting some more on who's going to be there in a few days.

You really don't want to miss this one!