Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GBR X Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who made the trip and supported us! Through the raffle and a kicked in donation from registration fees by Lucky Gunner, Gun Blogger Rendezvous X raised nearly $3,000 for Honored American Veterans Afield!

GBR X survivors on Saturday evening.
A total of 25 registered attendees took part in the 10th annual event. Congrats to everyone who participated and thank you to everyone who spent the weekend shooting for a great cause.

Also, we owe a huge thank you to our sponsors who helped make the weekend of camaraderie possible:

Richard Brengman of Special Interest Arms brought a wealth of knowledge to GBR X as well as a number of firearms many of us have never had the opportunity to see before. That included a Gardner Gun, numerous fully automatic firearms. Going even farther, Richard even donated an AR-15 lower for the raffle.

Richard Brengman of Special Interest Arms with his Gardner Gun
Richard Brengman of Special Interest Arms in Reno, NV

Springfield kicked in a big box full of things like t-shirts, coffee mugs, pilsner glasses, t-shirts and flags for the raffle and door prize drawing, helping support the Rendezvous and HAVA.

Springfield Armory donation to Gun Blogger Rendezvous X

3.) Ruger
Ruger sent some Under Armour and Nike bags that were included in the HAVA raffle. Also, they sent some hats and coffee mugs that were included in the door prize drawing.

Thanks to Ruger for donating some awesome bags and coffee mugs for GBR X.

Mitch Gerlinger from MOA attended and contributed pistol spinner targets, rifle spinner targets, a target stand and some scaled down NRA-style steel targets for the HAVA raffle.

Mitch Gerlinger shares some info about MOA Targets with the group. donated a humidor and cigar sampler for the HAVA raffle with a lighter and cigar cutter.
The Diesel cigar gift pack and humidor supplied.

Self Defense Association donated a platinum membership package worth $250,000 in protection.

Dillon once again donated a range bag for this year’s door prize table as well as some hats.

The team at Allchin was very generous with a number of Ruger scope mounts and Browning Buck Mark base pads.

The NSSF was kind enough to pick up the tab for Saturday night’s pizza feast.

Robert addresses GBR X attendees just before Saturday's pizza dinner.
Target Barn donated a number of targets for door prizes and provided the IDPA targets that were used as part of the ISSA indoor competition on Saturday.
Target Barn provided the IDPA targets that served as the base for the ISSA indoor plates.
11.) Brownells
Brownells donated one of their new ESG range backpacks and a slew of .308/7.62x51 magazines for the HAVA raffle. Also, they were kind enough to send enough lubricant for everyone to get a pack or two.

12.) Burris
Burris donated a very niceAR-F3 optic that was a featured part of the HAVA raffle.

Front Sight donated a four day training course that was included in the HAVA raffle.

14.) Sig Sauer
Jaci and Sig Sauer donated about a dozen Sig hats and keychains that were included in the door prize giveaway.

Bill brought in some ghost ring sights that were included as door prizes.
(Thanks to Bill for the use of this photo)

The folks at Reno Guns were kind enough to hold our shipments for us again this year. Also, they provided us a discounted rate for range use and the scenario simulator on Sunday.
A look inside the brand new indoor range at Reno Guns & Range.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated, sponsored or just watched from afar. We're already making plans for Gun Blogger Rendezvous XI and will have more details on next year's event in the coming months. Until then, look for a few videos of this year's event - including the Gardner Gun's trip through the Silver Legacy casino floor in the next few weeks!



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