Monday, May 01, 2006

Gunblogger Rendezvous News

I've got lots of hot news on the Reno Gunblogger Rendezvous. I've been working with the nice folks at the Circus Circus hammering out the details, and although there is still a lot to be done, including signing the contract to secure the facilities we need, we've made lots of progress, and things are going smoothly.

First off, the location will be at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno.

Second, the dates will be Friday evening, October 6th., Saturday, October 7th., and checking out on Sunday the 8th. These dates are locked in, so get them marked on your calendar right now, before you forget! We moved the dates up a few weeks, both to allow for better weather for those driving, and to get the best set of facilities for our needs.

We will have a BYOB/BYOM (bring your own munchies) hospitality room Friday night to get together and plan our activities for Saturday. The hospitality room has a great view of the Reno skyline.

Saturday night will be a sit-down dinner with several menu choices. We will also have a short after dinner talk by a speaker yet to be determined, and introduction of the bloggers in attendance.

After dinner the plan is to have the hospitality room also available for our use.

There will be some special room pricing available for the attendees.

Wireless internet will be free, and available in all the guest rooms, and most likely in the hospitality rooms too, so live event blogging will be possible.

Anyone whose cell phone rings while the speaker is speaking will be shot on the spot and their body thrown off the roof. (Not really, but I think you get the point......)

As I get more info, I'll keep you all posted.


Anonymous USCitizen said...

The online reservation system does not presently allow bookings beyond 9/30/2006, so the reservation number to call is: 1-877-213-7709

The group rate name or code is ? ________ (More info needed)

I confirmed 3 nites starting October 5 (a day early) for $79.99 Thursday, $149.99 (Friday) and $159.99 (Saturday) - North Tower Mini-Suite - standard rooms are less.

Payment's not due until Sept 21 so there's time to work out rate changes before then.

Wed May 03, 10:05:00 PM 2006  

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