Monday, October 09, 2006

Rendezvous Report - Part I

Thursday morning KeeWee and I boarded the Whidbey-SEATAC shuttle van for our 2 hour ride down to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. We checked our bags and had a couple of hours to kill before our flight to Reno, so we headed over to the Food Court for a burger and a soda pop.

The Alaska Airlines flight to Reno was un-eventful, (I LIKE it when flights are un-eventful) and there was little to see as it was pretty well clouded over below us. I did get a peek at Crater Lake from the air, I think, but couldn't be sure. We gorged ourselves on a one half ounce bag of unidentifiable snack crunchies each (why do they even bother, it's not even one mouthful!) and a soda pop and a cup of coffee. A little under two hours in the air and we were in Reno. We grabbed the half-hourly Circus Circus shuttle to the hotel. As we were waiting for the shuttle we saw three limosines pick up people and cart them off. It looks like some folks in Reno have got a buck or so!

We Checked in at the hotel, then headed up to our room to drop off the bags and go find the Tahoe Hospitality room to see who had arrived so far.

View from our room

Our room had windows on two sides, and both directions offered great scenery. the room was comfortable, and even had Starbucks coffee. (I guess when they figured out we were from Seattle and were shooters, perhaps they decided they better drag out the good stuff?)

View from the other side of our room

One of the Circus Circus Hotel signs.

We grabbed the elevator down to the Tahoe room where the Hospitality room was set up, and a few folks had already arrived.

Note the times!

Rivrdog and US Citizen checking quality control on the micro-brews RD picked up at the brewery on the way to Reno.

To get between the two towers of the Circus Circus, there's two elevated shuttle trams and a sky bridge walkway. This is one of the colorful tracks for the tram.

KeeWee and I, Rivrdog and Gudwife had been given tickets for a semi-posh fund raiser dinner and wine tasting over at the El Dorado, so we wandered over there for dinner. It was a bit yuppie for me, but I finally found some real non- "foo foo" food made out of real pieces of cows and pigs that tided me over, while everyone else was cooing over the properties of some stuff that I probably would have used as crab pot bait. The dessert table was a winner, though, as those folks seem to understand chocolate, at least!

After dinner we went back to the Tahoe room for the balance of the evening. We sat around the Tahoe room until we all started fading in and out and getting fuzzy, so we drifted off to get a good night's sleep.

The next morning a group of us headed out to find a good breakfast, and we found a winner in the Victorian Buffet in the adjoining Silver Legacy Casino. JimmyB was in breakfast heaven, with unlimited bacon! .....mmmmmm -- bacon!

This was my FIRST plate full.

Yup, I went back for more! OK, more than once! (KeeWee is looking over my shoulder as I write this, attempting to keep me honest!) Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bread pudding, bacon (JimmyB left me a little...) waffle with maple syrup and whipped cream, cantalope, and a croissant. A good start, I'd say!

After breakfast several of the ladies headed out on their own to explore, while JimmyB, Rivrdog, and I wandered off to look for a liquor store and any gun shops we could find along the way. We found one big liquor store. (I also picked up a jug of Bailey's for KeeWee, but I like the stuff too).

Rivrdog checking out the liquor store a few blocks away, stocking up for Friday night's hospitality.

Not far from the liquor store was a fair sized sporting goods store with a large sign proclaiming GUNS for sale, along with other sporting toys. We went in with great expectations, but were disappointed to be told that they did not carry any evil guns, or ammunition, or even anything loosely related to guns. The gal in the store clearly did not like guns. Kinda made me wish I'd of had a big ol' revolver holstered on my hip (open carry legal in Nevada) just to watch her develop a really good reason for a quick trip to the ladie's room, so to speak!

(End of report -- Part I)

KeeWee also has her first post up on our Rendezvous adventures HERE.


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