Saturday, October 28, 2006

'06 Rendezvous Financial Report

This afternoon we wrapped up all of the financial details of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. The intent was to try not to lose money, and, if possible, raise some money for Dan McKown's recovery and rehab. fund. Additionally, we wanted to make it possible for folks wishing to donate to Dan's recovery and rehab. fund to be able to do so. Now that all of the bills have been paid and the final accounting completed, here's how it came out:

$300.00 was donated directly to Dan's Recovery fund. $552.91 was raised through the registrations and through the fund raising at the banquet, for a grand total of $852.91 raised for Dan's Recovery fund.

On top of that, Dan and the rest of us all had a grand time in Reno.

Can hardly wait until next year............

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rendezvous Report -- Part III

Saturday morning we were up and at 'em bright and early. After everyone got their weapons out of storage and loaded into the vehicles, we headed off to Denny's for breakfast. The place was crowded but the waiter was well organized and managed to get us all seated and fed without any major catastrophies!

Chowin' Down!

Kevin had a pretty cool shirt!

After a good breakfast we drove about twenty miles out of town to the Washoe County Parks Department Public Shooting Range. It's a really nice range, well run, and very safe. The R/O's kept close tabs on the shooters for safety sake, but were also great to work with. Sadly, not all ranges are as well run!

This is the "Handgun" range. It goes from 15 yards to about 800 yards!

Lots of room for all types of shooting.

We took up almost a third of the range!

Shoot - reload - shoot - reload. Oh well, somebody's gotta do it, it might as well be us!!

So many guns, and only six hours to shoot them all!

The conversations behind the firing line alone were worth the trip!

I'm not out of ammo yet, but I'm working on it, and enjoying every minute of it!

Not only is he funny, he can also shoot!

All kinds of styles, all kinds of weapons, everyone had a ball!

She was sending lead down range, and launching brass right in front of my face! It DID make you concentrate!

Yours truly giving Kris's .480 Ruger a try. Mmmmm, ** I WANT ONE **
Photo credit to ARRGGHHH!! and SWWBO

Around four o'clock we loaded up our gear and headed back to the Circus Circus to clean up a bit and go to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous Dinner. We still didn't know if Dan McKown, our Guest of Honor, had been able to get a flight to Reno or not. To my relief, as we were walking through the hotel to head t odinner we ran across Dan, also headed to the Rendezvous dinner. He had arrived only an hour or so earlier! WHEW!

I was pretty busy at the dinner and I didn't have a chance to take any photos, but KeeWee has a bunch of photos posted at KeeWee's Corner.

After dinner it was back to the Hospitality room for the rest of the evening, filled with stories and more refreshments. We were WELL refreshed, by golly!

The next morning we hit the breakfast buffet one last time, then packed everything up and headed off to the airport for our return flight to Seattle, then a shuttle ride and a ferry ride back to Whidbey Island and home.

As we were on descent into Seattle, the Sun was just setting, and it makes a nice last picture from Gun Blogger Rendezvous I.

Next year maybe we'll see YOU there!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rendezvous Report -- Part II

After heading back to the hotel from the liquor store and "non-gun" shop, I was greeted by an email and phone message from our guest of honor for Saturday night's Gun Blogger Rendezvous dinner. It turns out that Dan's driver got stuck in traffic on their way to the airport in Seattle and arrived at the Alaska Air Lines check-in counter only 15 minutes before flight time. Alaska Airlines had already re-sold his seat, and the next flight was much later that night. Since the flight eventually turned out to have departed roughly an hour late, they certainly could have gotten Dan onto the flight.

Dan thought that the banquet was on Friday night instead of on Saturday, so he just gave up and went home. Fortunately he got in touch and let me know what had happened. I told Dan that the dinner was on Saturday night, and to do whatever he could do to get a flight to Reno as soon as he could manage it.

Several times throughout the weekend I would go push a little money into a one armed bandit. I was hoping one of them would be a shooting sports enthusiast and would cough up enough for me to go buy a brand new race gun. No luck!

One corner of the Circus Circus slot machine area.

After my first encounter with a slot machine, I had my five dollar bill reduced to the cashout ticket below:

No going to get rich this way!

Seeing that I was not going to get rich consorting with slot machines, I decided to wander around a little bit and then head back to the hotel room to get cleaned up a bit before dinner. Shortly thereafter KeeWee showed up from her exploring the area, and we got ready t ohead off to dinner at the buffet with some of the other gun bloggers. Dinner again was wonderful, and we all over-ate!

After dinner it was back to the hospitality room for refreshments and a fun evening of tall tales and funny stories with all of the gun bloggers in attendance. A couple of laptops were set up, and our Rendezvous was back on line with live blogging. Very cool, again!

Stories and refreshments flowing freely at the Hospitality room.

Deep in thought, and on line!

We had a wonderful time exchanging thoughts, stories, and ideas.

The Friday night hospitality room ran well into the night until everyone finally started to run down and headed off to get some sleep as we would need to be up bright and early tomorrow morning to head out to the range.

...end of part II

For KeeWee's latest Reno report click here.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Rendezvous Report - Part I

Thursday morning KeeWee and I boarded the Whidbey-SEATAC shuttle van for our 2 hour ride down to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. We checked our bags and had a couple of hours to kill before our flight to Reno, so we headed over to the Food Court for a burger and a soda pop.

The Alaska Airlines flight to Reno was un-eventful, (I LIKE it when flights are un-eventful) and there was little to see as it was pretty well clouded over below us. I did get a peek at Crater Lake from the air, I think, but couldn't be sure. We gorged ourselves on a one half ounce bag of unidentifiable snack crunchies each (why do they even bother, it's not even one mouthful!) and a soda pop and a cup of coffee. A little under two hours in the air and we were in Reno. We grabbed the half-hourly Circus Circus shuttle to the hotel. As we were waiting for the shuttle we saw three limosines pick up people and cart them off. It looks like some folks in Reno have got a buck or so!

We Checked in at the hotel, then headed up to our room to drop off the bags and go find the Tahoe Hospitality room to see who had arrived so far.

View from our room

Our room had windows on two sides, and both directions offered great scenery. the room was comfortable, and even had Starbucks coffee. (I guess when they figured out we were from Seattle and were shooters, perhaps they decided they better drag out the good stuff?)

View from the other side of our room

One of the Circus Circus Hotel signs.

We grabbed the elevator down to the Tahoe room where the Hospitality room was set up, and a few folks had already arrived.

Note the times!

Rivrdog and US Citizen checking quality control on the micro-brews RD picked up at the brewery on the way to Reno.

To get between the two towers of the Circus Circus, there's two elevated shuttle trams and a sky bridge walkway. This is one of the colorful tracks for the tram.

KeeWee and I, Rivrdog and Gudwife had been given tickets for a semi-posh fund raiser dinner and wine tasting over at the El Dorado, so we wandered over there for dinner. It was a bit yuppie for me, but I finally found some real non- "foo foo" food made out of real pieces of cows and pigs that tided me over, while everyone else was cooing over the properties of some stuff that I probably would have used as crab pot bait. The dessert table was a winner, though, as those folks seem to understand chocolate, at least!

After dinner we went back to the Tahoe room for the balance of the evening. We sat around the Tahoe room until we all started fading in and out and getting fuzzy, so we drifted off to get a good night's sleep.

The next morning a group of us headed out to find a good breakfast, and we found a winner in the Victorian Buffet in the adjoining Silver Legacy Casino. JimmyB was in breakfast heaven, with unlimited bacon! .....mmmmmm -- bacon!

This was my FIRST plate full.

Yup, I went back for more! OK, more than once! (KeeWee is looking over my shoulder as I write this, attempting to keep me honest!) Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bread pudding, bacon (JimmyB left me a little...) waffle with maple syrup and whipped cream, cantalope, and a croissant. A good start, I'd say!

After breakfast several of the ladies headed out on their own to explore, while JimmyB, Rivrdog, and I wandered off to look for a liquor store and any gun shops we could find along the way. We found one big liquor store. (I also picked up a jug of Bailey's for KeeWee, but I like the stuff too).

Rivrdog checking out the liquor store a few blocks away, stocking up for Friday night's hospitality.

Not far from the liquor store was a fair sized sporting goods store with a large sign proclaiming GUNS for sale, along with other sporting toys. We went in with great expectations, but were disappointed to be told that they did not carry any evil guns, or ammunition, or even anything loosely related to guns. The gal in the store clearly did not like guns. Kinda made me wish I'd of had a big ol' revolver holstered on my hip (open carry legal in Nevada) just to watch her develop a really good reason for a quick trip to the ladie's room, so to speak!

(End of report -- Part I)

KeeWee also has her first post up on our Rendezvous adventures HERE.

A Picture From The President

I can't quite make out the signature, but he sure looks familiar!
(Click picture for larger view)

I had a little surprise in store for Dan McKown, our guest of honor at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, but unfortunately it arrived the day after KeeWee and I had already left for Reno.

Congrats, Dan!

I didn't scan it at as high a resolution as I would have liked, but I didn't figure we needed a picture that took two hours to load, either!

The First After Action Reports

Gun Blogger Rendezvous One has come to a close ,and by now all of the attendees have most likely arrived back home. KeeWee and I got in late last night, and are pretty much worn out from all the fun! We've got lots of pictures and stories for your enjoyment, and we'll be getting them posted over the next few days as time permits.

US Citizen from Traction Control one-upman-shipped us all by having his Verizon wireless equipped laptop on the firing line on one of the shooting benches, and was live blogging directly from the firing line! How cool is that!

The first prize in the drawing at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous dinner was a Hi Point 9mm. pistol, and the lucky winner was Rivrdog. When he found out that he had won, he handed the winning ticket to Dan McKown, letting Dan win the free handgun. Very cool for a guy that persists in calling me a "Gizmo Gunny!"

Joe Huffman from The View From North Central Idaho and Boomershoot, has a partial list of some of the attendees and some of their posts on the Rendezvous, which I have "Borrowed" from his site, and I've added a little bit to the list below:

Be sure to read the comments to the posts as there is even more info on the event.

More later.........

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Reno - Here We Come!

Less than 48 hours from now I'll be in Reno at the Circus Circus hotel. Like everything, putting together the Gun Blogger Rendezvous turned out to be more work than planned, but the gals at the Circus Circus have been fantastic in helping to put it all together.

By far the biggest attraction is the individual bloggers themselves. We've read their blogs for some time and communicated by email every so often, but we've never had a chance to meet face to face.

I expect there will be some surprises, as the picture you have created in your mind of someone almost always is far removed from what they actually look like. I remember the first time I met a radio personality (DJ) in person. The guy had this big masculine voice and you just figured he was of a stature to match his voice. Nope! A little short scrawny guy with glasses! When he said "I'm so-and-so" you wanted to ask him if he was sure that's who he was!

I'm sure the ladies are all expecting Mr. C. to be a tall, handsome blond haired, muscular, blue eyed Nordic god. ( --- cough -- cough --). Well, at least that's partly right!

It would be interesting to post pictures of some of the bloggers and their names, and see how many folks could correctly match them up!

When we get to Reno, we should all be able to post on the Rendezvous, assuming the WiFi gods are feeling benevolent. Keep an eye on this blog, and also the Rendezvous blog for Rendezvous posts, and links to posts by other bloggers at the Rendezvous.