Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paypal Refuses GBR-IV Raffle Ticket Sales

Note: I am late in getting this posted as I needed to calm down A LOT before writing about this.

As part of this year's Gun Blogger Fund Raising efforts to benefit Project Valour-IT, we are having a section of our fund raising raffle set up so you could buy raffle tickets on line. We included two very nice prizes, a Para GI 1911 pistol, and a $2,000 four day training session at Front Sight Academy. The pistol was purchased and donated by Kevin from The Smallest Minority, and the training was donated by Front sight Academy.

The on line ticket part of the raffle was set up and hosted by Soldiers Angels, the parent organization of Project Valour-IT. In the first three and a half days over a thousand dollars worth of tickets were sold on line. Then someone at Paypal decided to shut it down. They not only shut down the raffle ticket sales, they shut down ALL Paypal on line contributions to all areas of Soldiers Angels. Soldiers Angels had to remove the button to buy raffle tickets before Paypal would turn the account back on. Unfortunately Soldiers Angels was in the middle of a fund raising drive and it's anyone's guess just how much in donations they lost in the twelve hours that Paypal was refusing to accept donations for them.

It appears that they consider buying a raffle ticket where you might win a gun is the same thing as actually going to a FFL and buying a gun. What is actually going on is people are making a donation to Soldiers Angels and Project Valour-IT, and for every $10 they spend they get a raffle ticket that might win them a gun. That's quite a big difference.

From Kevin:

"So where does that leave us? Well, you can call Soldiers' Angels and do a transaction over the phone. During normal business hours (PST) you can call (626) 529-5114, or you can call their voicemail service any time at (615) 676-0239, leave them a callback number and they'll get back to you - probably the less expensive option, timewise. It's not as convenient as a mouse click, but it beats snail-mailing a check."

The bad news is it's a pain to have to do it this way, but the good news is that Paypal doesn't get a percentage of the money spent on tickets.

If you'd like to call Paypal and discuss why inter-species offspring should not be put in policy making decisions, or anything else along those lines, their Customer Service phone number is (402) 935-2050.

For Kevin's full post and a lot more information about this, it's here.

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