Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Guns Should I Take to the Rendezvous

Some of last year's "Show-and-Tell"

Since guns are a major component of the Gun Blogger rendezvous, the question of what guns should you take is a good one. The short and tongue in cheek answer is "All of them!"

More realistically, we will be at a public range on Friday with paper targets from 25' out to 600 or 700 yards, so anything you enjoy shooting is fine. On Saturday we will be shooting an "Introduction to Steel Challenge" with hand guns, so just about any hand gun works here. Very high power and magnum handguns should not be used for the steel, but at the Friday range they are OK, and even encouraged! For the Steel Shooting you should bring at least 150 rounds, 200 is better. Rimfire pistols are good for steel too, and you can shoot more than one gun if you want. There will also be the opportunity to shoot other stuff than you own.
On Friday there is a Show-And-Tell at the Hospitality Room at the hotel where you can show and tell about anything interesting and unusual that's either firearms or firearms related, including guns. Just about everyone has something interesting, unusual, rare, or strange in their gun safe!

For the Cowboy Fast Draw shooting on Sunday everything will be provided, but you could bring your own cowboy hat and boots!

For concealed carry be sure to check Nevada's reciprocity, as they aren't very "Out of State" friendly.

See you in Reno!


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