Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cowboy Fast Draw Results

Although a number of attendees had to leave for home before the Cowboy Fast Draw event, we still had 14 shooters and some really close matches. I will try to get some pictures and more info posted later, but for now, here's the results:

  1. CST - CS Tactical Blog
  2. Millisecond Molly - The Molly Minute
  3. Derek - The Packing Rat
  4. David Whitewolf - Random Nuclear Strikes
  5. US Citizen - Traction Control
  6. True Blue Sam - True Blue Sam The Travelin' Man
  7. Mr. Completely - Mr. Completely
  8. Death Wish - The Clue Meter
  9. KeeWee Belle - KeeWee's Corner
  10. GG - Girls <3 Guns
  11. Kevin Baker - The Smallest Minority
  12. Connie - Random Nuclear strikes
  13. MASE - CS Tactical
  14. Tootsie - True Blue Sam The Travelin' Man
The match was put on by the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, Quick Cal Eilrich, "Short Keg", the Timer operator (I forgot to write down his name, so please leave a comment if you know) and the Sage Hills Reno Rustlers Cowboy Fast Draw club.

 I should mention that this was a double elimination match and the match-ups were by random drawing, so a lot of luck as well as skill determined the final placings. There were a lot of very close runs, and it was a ball!


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