Monday, September 06, 2010

Cowboy Fast Draw Gun Blogger Intergalactic Championships

The fastest Cowboy Fast Draw Gun Bloggers will convene at the Sage Hills Gun Club in Reno, Nevada on Sunday, September 12th. at 10am. to settle the scores from last years Championships. Will KeeWee manage to make up for her narrow loss to Millisecond Molly last year? Will the Packing Rat smoke everyone like last year? Will US Citizen uphold the honor of Texas with a win this year?

Cowboy Fast Draw Gun Blogger 2009 Intergalactic Champions
 To see the match live, show up at 10am. at the Sage Hills Gun Club in Reno for all the action. Quick Cal Eilrich, multiple Cowboy Fast Draw World Champion, will be there in person helping the gun bloggers to shoot their very fastest. Gun Bloggers from all over the Cosmos are invited, but it will most likely be only gun bloggers from the United States competing, although you never know........


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